Bronx Haven High School is a transfer school. Students who have dropped out or fallen behind on credits can apply for admission to our school to earn a diploma. In partnership with students, faculty and families, we will use innovative methods to support the personal growth of our students and help them succeed in higher education. Each student at Bronx Haven High School is provided with an advisor whose responsibilities include individualized academic guidance, college and career preparation, and life skills development.
Bronx Haven High is a vibrant and captivating place. Each classroom is filled with students from diverse families and experiences. Our primary focus is on the academic success of our students. The dedicated faculty and staff at Bronx Haven works to foster an environment of engagement that allows our students to encounter rich academic tasks. The students also have the opportunity to explore and to learn with, and from, one another. At various times during the school day, students are provided with opportunities to think critically and to receive guidance and support as they demonstrate perseverance through challenging tasks. I invite you to learn more about Bronx Haven.

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Bronx Haven High School

Grades: 9-12
333 East 151st Street
Bronx NY 10451
PHONE: 718-292-3638